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1. What is Aquaria Phuket?

Answer: Aquaria Phuket is the biggest aquarium in Thailand located in the heart of the city, beneath Central Phuket Floresta. A magical underwater journey that takes you through the wonders of the ocean and the mysteries of the rivers.

2. Can I take a stroller or buggy around Aquaria Phuket?

Answer: Yes, the attraction is stroller accessible.

3. Can I take food or drink into Aquaria Phuket?

Answer: Aquaria Phuket does not allow outside food or drink into the attraction.

4. Do you have a gift shop?

Answer: Yes, we have a gift shop! It is located at the end of the aquarium and is also accessible by the public. You do not need to purchase a ticket to enter the store.

Open shop daily from : 11:00 AM

1. Do you have restrooms?

Answer: Yes, we have accessible restrooms within the attraction, at the Andasi restaurant.

2. Do you have lockers?

Answer: We do not have storage lockers available at Aquaria Phuket. Please make arrangements to store your belongings before you visit us.

3. What will I see when I visit Aquaria Phuket?

Answer: This one-of-a-kind experience will get you up close and face-to-face with amazing underwater creatures such as sharks, stingrays, sea stars, seahorses, jellyfish and thousands of colorful fish!

1. Can I take a camera into Aquaria Phuket?

Answer: Yes, we encourage you to take as many photos as you'd like! Please be sure to tag us at #AquariaPhuket, too! We do, however, ask that you turn off your flash when you're inside the aquarium. Some of our creatures' natural habitats are areas of low or limited light.

2. Can I buy photographs at Aquaria Phuket?

Answer: Yes.