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Aquarium Zones

Explore our creature zones!

Mysterious Himmapan forest that will take you to explore both small and gigantic freshwater fish. Including Planted Tank that compiles and simulates rare scene of underwater biodiversities.

Explore the underwater world from the tops of branches. Watching the freshwater fish swim around. Experience the warm and impressive atmosphere in the treetop zone.

Meet a variety of reptiles that are waiting for you to come and greet. Some of them might be unexpectedly lovely you can never imagine.

Simulate the atmosphere of a cave with streams that can create many lives. Meet the mischievous small-clawed otters, the protagonist of this zone that will steal your heart.

Exhibiting rocks and shores landscape, meet our penguins the swimmers and sharks here.

The habitat of colorful corals and various species of stingrays.

We give you the sunken ship U.S.S. Largato which once sunk in the Gulf of Thailand

The main and the largest exhibit in Aquaria Phuket that holds more than 3.5 million litres of seawater, with 100,000 marine life from 500 species.

Time to learn and step a little closer to marine life! With our interactive touch pool and be entertained by different species of jellyfish.